Friday, July 8, 2011


Hello everyone. It has been quite a long time since I've posted here. I'm actually really surprised to come on here and see that people have been reading posts considering how long I've been silent. So I thought I'd post some thinspiration! In the heart of winter in the cold and wet and miserable winter when all I want to is eat and eat I need some thinspo as a pickme up.

I'm starting to see the faint outline of my hip bones. Well, I can just sort of convince myself that I can see them. It's very faint so part of me is scared that I'm imagining it. I've gained some weight but I've started going to the gym. I've only been going for a week and I can definitely see a difference. I've only got a one month membership because I'm only in this city for another month but hopefully that will be enough time to see a difference.

I go almost every day and hopefully this ups my BMR so my increase food intake makes no difference and actually works better so I'm not running on starvation mode. That's the theory behind it anyway. Whether it works out like that or not is another issue.

Enjoy the thinspiration and I hope you are all progressing well!

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