Monday, January 27, 2014

so what sort of lingerie did you get?

"That kind of life just ain't for us. We crave a different kind of buzz."

Everything feels messy and a bit out of control at the moment. I will admit right now that I have been completely and utterly off the wagon for the past...I don't even know how long. I honestly, honestly haven't thought about how I am going to lose weight for at least a week. Which I am feeling so very guilty about. All of a sudden I am aware of it, and it is all a bit too late! My fault, totally my own fault. 

So now it has to be all hands on deck...or something to that effect. Be all and end all is that I have to start working out seriously. I've got lots of catching up. At least I have managed to not gain anything. Still sitting extremely flatly on 58kg. I want to be under 55kg by Valentine's day. That's 2 weeks away. I feel like I've somehow got my work cut out for me, even though it seems perfectly plausible. My plan is to have net -300cal per day, with the exception of Chinese New Year which will be like, +5000cal. I'll see what I can do. Will try to eat lots of the salad and less...roast duck. 

So much talk about food dictates a trip to the grocery store. Everything in my house feels so very...high calorie. I despair at the fact that I cannot have a full meal for only 20 calories. That would be ideal. Or you know, have a piece of fried chicken for 20cal. I love fried chicken!!!! I just walked past a KFC today and I almost melted to the ground because of the smell. It was amazing. All I wanted to do was to walk in and eat all the chicken in there. 

But then I grab a few handfuls of belly fat and realise that that is not a feasible thing to do. The best I can hope for at this stage is to lose a little bit in 2 weeks. Long term investment anyone?

Feels weird...the whole boyfriend thing. It feels pretty good, but hey, the motivation changes. Now I have this huge fear that he is going to leave me for being fat. So I have to lose weight to keep him. 

Does that even make sense???

I told him that I got some new lingerie and he is sooo looking forward to taking me away for the weekend. I just don't know how I am going to feel attractive in it. I look so bloody fat. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

We're never done with killing time, can I kill it with you?

"I'm glad that we stopped kissing the tar on the highway, and I like you. We move in the tree streets, I'd like it if you stayed."

Another small absence, and I have so much to say!

So firstly my weight appears to be rather stagnant at 58kg. Incredibly so. I blame it on my stupidly irregular periods. I had a hungry week, while on night shift, and so completely didn't notice. Ate like a fucking pig on nights. Only had 2 meals a day but seriously, those were like 3000cal meals. So much food! And I was hungry throughout the nights too. *sigh*

Now that my period is here, hopefully I can get back on track. Hate having my period but at least it coinciding with a cold means I can have a sick day from work and have a Jadelle inserted. 

I'm going to be vigilant like mad when I do because weight gain is a very common side effect. But what stands still stands, if you don't eat too much, can't gain weight. It apparently makes people hungry? I should know the feedback mechanisms. I'm hoping for it to go smoothly, I don't really have a choice, the amount of unprotected sex I've been having is really too much for me to not do something about it. (and when I got this period, I was like, yesssss, not pregnant!)

Any of you ladies have one? Any effect on your appetite/weight? I can always get it taken out if I get too fat on it. Will be on MyFitnessPal like a freak!

Things with online dating guy are going well, as you might have deduced by now. I shouldn't call him that anymore since neither of us have our profiles anymore. A few days ago I decided that I didn't care what he thought this was, things seem to be going well and so I was just going to remove my profile and stop having that lingering thought driving me mad. 

But just before I did, I was awful and had to check if he'd been active or not. And to my absolute surprise, his profile was gone! I was so pleased, and not to mention completely sheepish at thinking that he might still be playing the field. 

We went away together for the weekend. Which is how we ended up having all that unprotected sex. It was so much. It was almost 2 much. I mean, honestly guys, and I'm not exaggerating...4 hours, then 4 hours sleep. Then another 3 hours. I mean, WTF is that. It's a real testament to his fitness because after that I was exhausted, and he was still okay! I lay there like a dead fish while he got up and made us tea. 

He really doesn't have a thing for condoms, and I'm not about to not sleep with him for that. But there ain't no way, not on any level, am I okay with potentially getting pregnant. Hence the Jadelle. 

When we were at the hot springs together, he was joking about meeting my incredibly shy and scared flatmate. "Wouldn't it be funny if I met her and then suddenly gave her a big hug and a kiss?" 

Well, the longest relationship she has had was a year, and at the end of that year the furthest they had got was a goodbye hug. Not even a kiss on the cheek. 

"She might find you later and say, Judith, your boyfriend tried to rape me!" 

I laughed. And a split second later did a double take. Did he just call himself my boyfriend? Is he my boyfriend? 

Well this is certainly a first. Can't honestly say that I've had a boyfriend before. In fact, I most certainly have never had a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend guys!!!! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

reverse thinspiration that looks like me

"Because I'm breaking the habit tonight."

- I don't know how I started looking at lots of reverse thinspo today. But I aside from the usual extreme reverse thinspo pics, I came across a whole series of pictures that reminds me of how my body looks and it makes me feel like dying. I feel so fucking sick. I already ate some noodles for dinner and man I really want to puke it all back. I'm texting online dating guy and fuck it, it makes me want to puke. Today my intake has been:

-2 coffees with trim milk 124cal
-1 cup of instant noodles 460cal
-1 pear 38cal
-1 cup of strawberries 49cal
-half a low fat yoghurt 42cal

That is 713cal total intake. It feels like too much. It's like I've got a gastric band and the food isn't going down. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. It's too much. 
Later I am going to the gym to work it off:

-30mins running on treadmill at level 10 -286cal
-20mins elliptical -171cal
-triceps pull down and biceps curl and some squats and lunges

Net intake 256cal. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

super-romance-honeymoon island

"I sometimes believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!" 

Weight: indeterminate. AKA I am too scared to weigh myself because for the past 3 days I've been like, not restricting on any level. And I've been revolutionising myself and my habits. I banned myself from checking that fucking stupid dating site. Can't handle it. Was driving me mad. 

I've decided that I just have to take things at face value. If it walks/talks/looks like a duck then it's a fucking duck. Couldn't really go through life being that suspicious, it was killing me. If he ends up being a fucker, then I will find out when I find out instead of denying myself good times for potentially no reason at all. 

But now that I am back at work and settled back into my routine, I am setting up a new routine for myself to lose weight:

Breakfast: cup of black coffee
Lunch: fat free yoghurt, piece of fruit, salad
Dinner: difficult to set food item, but my calorie limit will be 300cal. I will fill up with tea and coke/sprite zero if I still feel hungry. 

I'm hoping that the above diet will be 600calories a day max. 800cal a day if I have a bad day. 

On top of that, I will go to the gym every day except for days when I am working till 10pm. At the gym I will do weights, because I want to build a bit of muscle to bring up my basal metabolic rate and to stop myself breaking down muscle if my body swings into starvation mode. Then I will run for 30mins, do 2km on a rowing machine and 20mins on an elliptical.

The above workout should hopefully be around 400cal. So I'm hoping that my net intake every day will be around 300-500cal. 

Let's see if I can't lose weight with that! 

Now my motivation at this point is online dating guy. And something that happened on our last date. Warning, at this point I will launch into incredibly flowery prose, I am about to give Mills and Boon a run for their money. In a very roundabout way, I will eventually come to the point! But if you don't want to read it, you can probably skip the first couple of paragraphs. 

He texts me as he's driving back from being away for a week. "Hey, what are you up to this weekend? Want to spend some time with me?" After our last date when we had dinner, walked around in each others arms and kissed, I didn't really know what to expect but I said yes. After all, I didn't have anything planned. 

"Shall we take the ferry out to the Island? We can check out the wineries."

I have never been one to say no to wineries! So we arranged a time to meet at the ferry terminal. By the time I arrive he's already got out tickets. He's also got a bag with togs, towels, sunscreen, water, maps, you name it, he's got it. And I just stood there, dumbfounded. Well I'd brought my visa card and my phone. Felt like I was not at all prepared. When we arrived I made a beeline for the surf shop. 

This can drag out a bit so I shall be brief. We had lunch at a restaurant by the beach, sipping cocktails. We then went and lay down at the beach. He pulled me into his arms and we just lay there, giggling to ourselves. Then he tilts my chin up and kisses me and after making out for a good while I feel like omg, when did I become queen of PDA. After wondering around hand in hand, we end up at a vineyard where we sipped a very nice pinot noir under the shade of an olive tree. It's the same story again, we are lying on the grass, and he pulls me down on top of him and we just lie there talking bullshit and making out. We must have been there for hours. Lying in the shade, looking up at the clouds, he was aimlessly tracing random shapes on my shoulder with his finger. 

At the beach I squeeze into my bikini. My boobs look great, but that's about it. And I feel like a wobbly blob as I walk towards the water. The wind is picking up the waves are HUGE but I can't wait to get in the water to hide all my flab. When I get in the water I realise how strong the waves actually are. I can't stand up by myself so I hang onto him to keep myself upright. He holds onto my hand and pulls me into his chest and wraps his arms around me and we kiss as the waves break around us. Then, to my horror, he picks me up. He's swinging me around and kissing me before I can protest. "You don't weigh much at all!" and he continues to carry me deeper into the sea. 

We have fish and chips and wine by the beach and as we walk back to the ferry, he stops me in the middle of the road several times for kisses. And at the beach by the ferry terminal, we lie down in each other's arms and watch the sun go down. There is a jazz band playing at the bar a while away and the music wafts down to us. When it is dark he starts to kiss me, he's pulling me very close, squeezing me tightly, things are getting a bit hot and heavy and he groans when he sees the ferry arrive. 

I can't really stop thinking about him. I don't know what to think anymore. I think what I need to do is just pretend that I am definitely the only girl that he is seeing. And just enjoy what his happening. I feel like I'm somewhat scarred from wearing that bikini. I would definitely feel much more secure in our relationship if I looked thinner. But since I like him so much I am going to use him as motivation. 

Every time I eat, I am going to picture myself in that bikini, all that fat poking out. And how bad I felt when he saw me. And then I will tell myself that I can't eat. I can't possibly eat when I still look like this in a bikini. 

Maybe if I'm thin, he'll want me. Maybe if I'm thin, he'll like me as much as I like him.