Friday, April 13, 2012

too fat for words

The 100 Day Challenge

Stuff taking a break. It's too hard to take a break when all I can think about is losing weight and being so freaking fat. 

I was reading a blog called "Too Fat For Words" and she was talking about this 100 day challenge. 100 days to get to a set of goals. This is just what I need to keep myself motivated. It's a nice way of staying focused. I'm going to Bristol in 20 weeks. That's 140 days. And I do not want to look this fat and ugly when I go. This is awful. I will be lovely and thin for Bristol. 

So if I start on Monday, then I will have about 39 days to spare at the end of the challenge to squeeze a little bit more weight off and get myself sorted itinerary wise. Meanwhile, for the next 100 days, I can focus on my weight and finally do something that I can be proud of.

These are my goals:

1. I currently weigh 125lbs. I want to weigh 90lbs when I leave. I must lose 35lbs.

2. Finish that goddamn paper that I've been working on as long as I can remember

3. Be able to do the splits on both legs. 

4. Book hotels for the week before I start work in Bristol. 


6. Fit into size 6 jeans. (NZ size 6. This is the smallest size you can buy here without getting children's sizes.)

At 90lbs I want:

1. To be able to see 4 ribs without stretching up or sucking in.

2. To be able to see my spine easily when I bend over. 

3. To have my hip bones stick out.

4. For there to be an almighty gap between my thighs. 

5. To be able to see my arm muscles. 

6. Concave stomach. 

And I will do this in 100 days. In just over 14 weeks. That's 2.5lbs each week. I will do this. I will do this. 


  1. It seems like a good system. I might have a look into it myself...

    I'm sure you can do it, 2.5lbs a week is achievable, you just need to stick to it :)

    All the best.


  2. This is an awesome set of goals lady jane. How long are you going to be working in Bristol for? I totally need to think about this challenge too. :) :) Xo

  3. Dear Judith Marie.

    Have you ever thought that there are blogs about good thing as well? For instance if you would read some cooking maybe you would feel better. ( You never want a family for example to cook for your husband or your children? In my opinion your way of thinking is REALLY selfish, why do you have to be 38.5 kg? Is that how a normal girl should be like? Why don't you get some help from professionals maybe they could help you to enjoy life before you die!

    1. so YOU are Andrea are so pathetic...

  4. that thinspo is amazing!

    i followed, support

  5. Your goals are great. We have the same goal weight, and we're starting from pretty similar starting weights (I'm 129) I have three months to be as tiny and beautiful as possible. I'm sure you can do it! <3