Thursday, June 2, 2011

measures of success

For over a month now I've been thinking that I haven't lost any weight. Because the scales have barely shifted and yet I feel like I've been getting smaller. And I've been getting progressively confused.

Then I remembered that a while ago I took some measurements of myself for comparison later. They were taken on 20th April so just under a month and a half ago. Those measurements were 87-73-88 (all in centimetres) and now I remeasured myself and I'm now 81-65-81cm.

A size 0 is 76-56-81 just to give some perspective. So I'm getting closer, only problem is I'm quite rectangular in shape and I don't really have a waist so I don't know if my waist will ever be that small.

It's nice to know that even though the scales haven't moved much, I am getting smaller. I'm starting to see my abs a bit clearer so I'm going to work out more in hopes that that will melt the fat a bit more. I'm going for lose the fat first then I can work on losing the muscle.


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