Friday, June 10, 2011

size 0

Size 0 is the dream right? I don't live in the US so I very rarely see size 0 only any tags and so I don't know how small or large a size 0 is. I think I really need to see more size 0 clothes before I can make any judgements but today I found a pair of size 0 banana republic pants in an op shop. Given that they are stretchy fabric and a little tight on me, I fit them!!!

I really don't think a size 0 can be that big. But it is still a huge ego boost to fit into a size 0. Right now I am dying to get my hands on more size 0 clothes and use them as trial clothes and motivation to get down to that size. I can't be a size 0 right now, I'm much too fat. I think those pants were some sort of anomaly. But I do want to be a size 0. I will be a size 0!!! But I need to know what a size 0 is first!!!!!

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