Thursday, August 25, 2011

plus sized models are shit

I woke up this morning to read something on the news about plus sized models being used in a Sydney fashion show. Now I'm very fond of fashion. I have 3 wardrobes, 4, if you count the one I have in another city. Now, I adore shopping and fashion and style. I spend a lot of money on clothes, and my wardrobe has a high turnover, and I am known for my clothes and shoes. I stream almost every couture and ready to wear show live online, especially if it's Chanel because I adore Chanel and Oscar de la Renta. I'm saving money to go to the Oscar de la Renta flagship store in Madrid next year.
So I'm trying to make the point that I know something about fashion.

I should say here and now that this is a pro-ana blog. I am not trying to convince anyone to see anything the way I do, I'm just expressing what I think. If you don't agree, I respect that, and you can quietly leave.

Nothing in this world disgusts me as much as plus sized models. Nothing. It is so wrong on so many levels. Firstly, from the point of view that general society is most likely to accept, I think it is wrong to showcase unhealthy people. I don't believe that thin models are all anorexic, but I do believe that all plus sized models are medically overweight or obese. For a medical point of view, this raises so many concerns. From blood pressure to diabetes to heart disease to infertility to just being fucking difficult to put a drip in, being overweight and obese is bad, bad, bad. These women should not be celebrated, they should be MRI scanned then told of all the diseases they are developing and dragged to a gym.

I'm not saying all women should be size 0. I might want to be size 0 but I don't think everyone should be. I would feel like some worthless piece of shit if they all were super skinny and gorgeous. We need some sort of balance and for me to be thin, there need to be people who are relatively fatter than me.

Now, let's just not talk about the medical side of things. I work in a hospital so I obviously see a whole load of fat, unhealthy people. So that side of things concerns me more than the average person. And I spend so much time telling people to lose some weight. Lose some weight to take the pressure off your joints, lose some weight to improve your diabetes, lose some weight to conceive a child. But this is not a medical blog, and I don't want that aspect of my life to take over.

Aside from the medical aspect, I HATE the way fat people look. I hate it. There is not one single article of clothing that looks better on a fat person than it does on a skinny person. There is a reason that over the many, many years the fashion world has chosen thinner and thinner models and there is a reason now that size 0 and size 00 exists. There is a reason that the great fashion houses don't make plus size ranges. BECAUSE THIN LOOKS GOOD. It's that simple.

Models are blessed. All thin people are blessed, with either the genetic disposition of being thin, or with the self control and discipline to maintain a thin body. Or both. When I watch a fashion show, I want to see graceful, thin, even boney figures sashaying down the runway in fantastic clothes. Not some fat lump lumbering down, filling out super big sizes.

There is a girl I know, her name is HB. She is one of the loveliest people I've ever met, and also one of the thinnest. She's one of those people who, you can tell she's bought the smallest size, and yet everything is loose. She could be a model, and that's what clothes should look like on models. Even the tight clothes and just that tiny bit loose and they look so comfortable. I can't wait to be like that, I really can't.

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