Tuesday, March 6, 2012

half the calories and be still my beating heart.

Several rather different topics to rant about...please bear with my schizoaffective self. 

I've often heard people say that eating slowly halves the number of calories that you take in. I've always thought that it was such a ridiculous notion, but even so, rather a cute thought in itself. Today I discovered that it is very much true. SO TRUE! WHY DIDN'T I LISTEN EARLIER! My calorie intake has been hovering at 800-900cal per day. Today, we had some friends over to our place and so I ate dinner slowly, and I only had about 350cal before I felt really full and decided to leave the rest for tomorrow. 

I was so surprised at how full I was. This really explains why I always eat less when I go out with my friends. I'm usually too distracted by conversation to eat properly and even though I know I'm eating less, I always feel much more full. Gosh. Who would have though that conversation would literally halve my calorie intake. Magic. Can't wait to keep utilising this. 

Also, so much for recovering from my bout of illness and eating 3 meals a day. Back to one meal a day and it feels great! I'm still pretty light headed but I don't feel so guilty anymore. Am I just incredibly stupid to be coming across this eat slowly thing now? Honestly, if you haven't tried it yet, try it. It works without you realising it is working. 

And now for something completely different!!!!!

A few days ago I cut a treble cleff into my left ankle. Today my flatmate saw it. She asked me about it. She's getting really suspicious. I passed it off as scarification and now she thinks I'm really weird and I'm not entirely sure if she believed me. 

Another issue is that we now have 4th year students and we have been doing quite a lot of teaching with them to prepare them for their surgical exams. But this is their first ever hospital rotation and they want to practice on us instead of real patients. It's actually a really reasonable request seeing as the "patients" in their exam will be final year students like us. But the surgical exam is the surgical abdomen exam and I cannot show them my abdomen. Or they will see my scars. 

Sometimes this habit is incredibly annoying and isolating. 

And now for something completely different again!!!!

My scumbag brain has decided to strike again. Yesterday, it decided that I was to have a crush on one of my surgical registrars. And I am less than pleased about it. He's a really nice guy, as most surgeons are, contrary to popular belief. And I like him because he's only a first year registrar and he's really quite playful. Spare time is spent teasing everyone in sight. Yesterday he hit me over the head with some patient notes and stuck patient labels all over me because I was using his dictation log in. 

And he's pretty damn ripped as well. It seems that I have a very specific type. Guys with totally ripped bodies but rather cute and sensible looking faces. Kind of like, he must be strong but also smart enough to make enough money to support me! Not that I'll need it though because I will hopefully be making buckets of money myself. 

Ah, he's so cute and sweet. *sigh* stupid, stupid, scumbag brain. I loathe having crushes on people! I shall stop writing about him now. Don't want to bore your ladies with my trivialities. 

Hope you are all doing well and dropping weight and dress sizes! I love you all. 


  1. Hey Judith Marie!! It's been a while since I've commented on your blog. I'm glad you found a way to feel full faster! It's a neat trick. And I'm sorry your flatmate found out about your treble cleff...maybe she isn't as weirded out as she seemed. It's kinda tough to hear about it the first time but maybe she'll pass it off. You never know.

    Anyway, I'm so glad to see you're doing well!!

  2. It sounds like an uncomfortable situation at work - how did you explain that you couldn't help? I too hate that my scars keep me from doing so much!

    I HATE having crushes. Particularly because they NEVER go anywhere. Blagh. Good luck with yours. (BTW, I think cute, kind doctors are the WORST to have a crush on! As so many docs are assholes, I can't help but think its unfair!)

    So true - you're perfectly right, and I hadn't thought about it. I tend to eat relatively slow - unless I binge, and then I only want it to disappear so its not torturing me anymore. But when I'm eating in public, or while doing other things, I get so distracted I never finish. Hmm. Thoughts!

    I haven't read your blog in awhile - I'll be back, though!

  3. Scarification is one of my excuses too but everyone knows that I have an interest in alternative things (it tends to explain the presence of a heavily tattooed boyfriend).

    Well anyway, thanks for the comments. It means a lot. I hope you're doing well.