Sunday, March 27, 2011

not fair

Oh the unfairness of it all!!!!

Just when I'm on a roll, just when I'm doing so well, I get sick! I hate this! My throat is so sore and I'm congested and I've got a headache. Sorry, I'm not painting a great picture here am I.

Bottom line, I feel like a pile of crap right now. I don't know how much weight I'm going to lose this week because I think number one goal is to get through the day without passing out. I might have to go buy some barley sugars after work today.

I'll let you guys know how this week goes but I won't be surprised if it ends up being a no weight loss at all.


  1. are you by any chance looking for an ana buddy? i'm 21 & muy huge right now. looking for some support! would be down to chat, text or email!

  2. hey hun,
    I'm 21 too. happy to email you or chat if i ever see you online! message me your email and i'll add you