Sunday, March 6, 2011

a new day, a new start

Someone once said that the only people who fail in life are the ones who quit or never try.
On that note, I have started a new diet. After working out my BMR and that I want to lose 10kg in 10 weeks (actually 1kg a week sounds kinda easy doesn't it?) I've worked out that I can eat 600cal a day and lose the 10kg and lose the weight without any other effort.

So I've aimed for 500cal a day to give myself a 100cal overdraught in case I need it. Today is day 1 and I'm learning a few things already.

The first is that 500cal is actually a decent amount of food. I've had a tiny apple, a can of sugar free V, a bowl of noodles, a sausage, a cup of miso soup, and half a cup of vegetables. And if I hadn't caved and had the 280cal noodles, I could've had a bit of muesli and some rice of those vegetables. So in terms of amount, it's heaps.

The second thing I've learnt is that fasting is much easier than eating a small amount. I mean, I'm full, not hungry at all, but eating that much has made me greedy for more. I could've saved 15cal on the miso soup but I'm really craving food and I could eat the rest of the vegetables which would be about 100cal so I think the 15cal is a good trade off.

Third is that I tend to eat everything in one big go, at dinner. I'm going to try spread out my food over tomorrow and see if that makes any difference. I so better be losing weight because of this. I'm going to kick my compulsive overeating habit this time.

I'm going to have a busier day tomorrow so hopefully that will distract me from the difficulties of fighting cravings.
I have to be 49kg in 10 weeks. I just have to. That's when I work for 4 weeks under Prof CNM. It's very important that I'm at the first goal weight by then. I've set myself a deadline, and I will make it. That's about 8.5kg that I need to lose by then. It will also be the lightest I've ever been. But considering my goal weight is 90lbs, which is just under 41kg.

I have a feeling that 49kg to 41kg is going to be very difficult, or at least much harder than 57.5-49kg. But like I've always said, one step at a time (one hope then another). But 49kg is what I will weight when I work for Prof CNM. Also, more importantly, I want him and other people to notice that I've lost weight. I've gone from 65kg to 57.5kg and nobody has noticed :(

But I'm sure someone will notice a 65kg-49kg weight loss. Or so I hope. I want people to think I'm thin.


  1. Good Luck Honey....It was weird how everything just made sense in ure the cravings when you eat more and the fact you want people to recognise ure losing weight! I totally get it!
    Anyways think skinny xxxx

  2. Thanks BuddhaGirl! I'm glad I'm making sense to someone coz sometimes it really feels like I'm going crazy lol!
    Thinking real skinny today!