Wednesday, May 16, 2012

babe, I'm going down!

...because there is no such thing as too thin. 

Ah, after all this time, there is still no feeling that can compare to stepping on the scale and seeing a lower number than yesterday. There is no thrill, no rush, no high that can come close to seeing the number on the scales get smaller and smaller. And my skinny babes, I'm on my way down. 

In the space of this week, I've gone down from 57kg to 54kg. It's not good enough, but, it's a start. I've started restricting again. Restricting old school style, who cares about eating a million little meals of few calories, I'm not eating at all. And it's damn well working. I'm homestaying right now for a few weeks and the way my schedule works is that I can skip breakfast and lunch. I go out and walk for an hour at lunchtime instead of eating. And I have dinner, but the portions here are pretty small and pretty damn healthy as all the food comes from the garden in the back yard. 

I'm drunk on tea and chewing gum. I'm relieved to be finally going down again. I'm relieved at how easy it is. 54kg. I wanted to be 50kg by the time I left for England. If I can keep this pace up, I will be less than that. Jumping up and down in the bathroom, I'm elated. 

There is a lightness that comes with this. A mental, emotional lightness. I'm on my way home - that's what this feels like. I'm on my way to the thinness that I call home, a weight at which I will feel safe and happy. 

I rest my head on his chest and he wraps his arms around me, squeezing me tightly. "It's abnormal, say it." And I whisper these words with closed eyes. He sighs quietly and rests his chin on my head. "You're looking healthier, not healthy yet, but healthier." He can't hide his happiness at seeing my weight gain. I feel like crying. I love seeing him happy, and I know he will be upset when I lose weight again. But for now I cling to him. Sometimes it feels like he's all I've got in this world. 

There is a restlessness that is filling every cell of my body. I've started doing things that in hindsight are all steps in hiding weight loss to others, but highlighting it to myself. I'm buying large sweaters which hide my body, but I'm also buying skin tight dresses that at too small for me. I can't wait to fit them. 

I can tell my abdomen is flatter. I can tell. But not enough, I can still grab handfuls of fat. But I'm on my way babes. And you are all coming with me. 


  1. you broke them fucking 110's!
    no laxxies. they hurt your digestive system. like me. AND DUDE IF I DONT GET A HIGH MARK ON THAT EXAM I WILL CRY i don't care if i fail everything else as long as i get a mark so worthy of science, it's evolutionary (yes. that's a horrible joke).
    and dude. i am so not telling you my weight. nor am i ever weighing myself. ever. or until i see a new number on that damn measuring tape.
    dude. i wake up wanting to get on the scale and see losses. Gosh. this hasn't happened in a while now.
    babe, you are gonna disappear on me.
    in the end, our bodies are our homes. we build them. we make them.
    that last sentence made me grin.
    but i'm stuck in some sort of vicious cycle. hence i'm not looking at my scale. ever.
    -Sam Lupin

  2. That is such a marvellous feeling. I'm glad to see you back on track.


  3. Thats a great weightloss for the first week. I'm loving the tattoo thinspo. I know how it feels to be torn between wanting to please someone else, and needing to please yourself. Hopefully it gets easier <3