Saturday, December 28, 2013

my fitness pal

"Well this particular scenario feels like another all time low."

MyFitnessPal. I am so addicted to it. My username is JudithMarie24 if anyone wants to add me.

So my friends, here is my intake for today:

-1 cup of mac and cheese 250cal
-1/3 cup of cooked spinach 14cal
-1 serving of rice vermicelli 90cal
-1 can of sardines in tomato sauce 140cal
-1 cup of cherries 74cal

=568cal total intake

And my output:
-30mins of Tae Bo ....which apparently is -297cal. Seems far too efficient but then again, compared with how tired I feel, it sure feels like -297cal.

=net intake of 271 calories. 

And the magic sentence...if every day were like today, I would weigh 51.8kg in 5 weeks. Oh god, please let every day of the next 5 weeks be like today. 

And even though it is only 1pm, I have decided I will not eat any more today. I may do some more exercise later. If I get hungry, I will drink hot tea and cold water. No alcohol. No juice. No coffee. Maybe a can of coke zero if I'm really desperate. 

The thing about MyFitnessPal is that it totally freaks me out about my intake. I mean, 74cal in a cup of cherries! WTF! I thought I was having a nice low calorie snack! 
I didn't feel like I'd had a big lunch/ morning snack at all but 568 in total says otherwise! I should really trade the mac and cheese for 10 cups of salad or something like that. The spinach was a really nice surprise. Maybe I'll live off spinach for a while. 

My lack of appetite continues! And I'm so glad. I still can't eat. And after a few bites I begin to feel a bit nauseated. The lack of food is already starting to give me a bit of a hunger headache, I'm still waiting for myself to adjust to it. 

Thanks for the feedback about the guy I met online. It is nice to see that my sentiments are shared. The whole thing confuses me. I agree that men can be huge sleezeballs and I just have to be super careful about it all. And in a fit of ego I agree that I deserve better than someone who is still scouting for better options. But...unless he has amazing organisational capacity that I can't even begin to fathom, then he's being really quite sweet to me. 

He's currently on holiday in another part of the country with a big group of his friends. They planned the trip a year ago apparently. They've hired a series of beach houses, brought their boats. Lots of fishing, an outdoor spa, and relaxing and drinking. Sounds good, I'm seething with jealousy. 

He left the day after our last date. But he's been texting me good morning every day, good night every night and he updates me several times a day on what he's up to. He sends me pictures of everything. He says he wishes I were there too. Tells me to rest well on my days off, tells me I must be feeling tired on my long days. 

It makes me feel...really quite...chuffed. Mind you, it's entirely possible that he is very organised and is juggling this same act with goodness knows how many girls. If he is doing that, then I wish I had half of his logistical skill. It would come in really useful in my job! Still, it's nice to pretend that it might just be me. 

I should make a habit of thinking of him at mealtimes, then I might just not eat for the next five weeks and weigh less than 50kg at the end of it all. Less than 50kg seems like an impossibility. It seems like a dream. I haven't been less than 55kg for such a long time. 

The plan is to weigh myself in 2 days time. On New Year's morning. 


    i added you as colourblindromance. :) you'd know it's me. i have a picture of a Glee character as my display picture. xD sorry, on to reading the post.
    i should get into Tae Bo. fuck. nearly 300 calories torched into 30 minutes?!
    oh i never trust those! pdsfkspgks if every day were like today, my metabolism would figure it out and tell me to fuck off. no weight loss for me. xD
    my love, forget about cherries, pineapple! PINEAPPLE. fuck. three rings of those and i log it in and i'm like: FUCK.
    i know how one cup of mac and cheese looks like!!!! 250 calories of mac and cheese is literally a few bites of food. ugh.
    spinach is lovely. i make a nice egg scramble with spinach. spinach, feta, eggs, and shrimp. delicious. too bad i don't have anymore shrimp so i can't make it now!
    well, my lacking of appetite is less severe than yours but i know how it feels. my calorie counts are higher than yours but of course.
    i hope it's just you. i don't know what to think about this guy to be honest. he seems so confusing.
    i can't wait that long. i weighed in today. with a full bladder. xD

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Good luck with your weightloss goals...

    You can do it!!!!

    My goal is always to stay under 1,000 calories. If I can do that, then I feel like I'm golden.