Tuesday, December 31, 2013

not since 2 became the new 4 and 6 became the new 14.

"I've got thick skin and an elastic heart."

First things first. HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE!!! I know we've been up and down for a while now but hey, I am going to start this year with a positive frame of mind. I can totally do this. I can totally lose this weight. 

And from that lead, my first weigh in of 2014:

From a starting weight of a disgusting 62.8kg, my weight is now 57.2kg!!!!

It's nowhere near an end point, but, I'm going down and that is what is important! I lost nearly 2kgs in the past 4 or 5 days. If I think of it that way, it's not nearly as fast as I would like, but I'll take it. And for today, dieting is on hold. It's New Years, I'm Asian, and I'm cooking and eating dumplings. 

Then I'm going to spent hours in the gym trying work off an indeterminate number of calories. 

The online dating guy continues to baffle me. I am currently operating under the guise that he is seeing multiple other girls. If that's the case then I am flattered to be the one that he chose to call at midnight. He had been texting me all night (while I was on duty at work!) and then called me at midnight, blind drunk. I'm surprised he was even operating a phone. 

I don't even want to begin to have a crack at what is going on. Just forget it. Focus on me. Focus on losing weight. He can do whatever he wants to do. If it fits in with me then cool, if not then too bad. 

This year will be about me babes. I'm going to become who I want to be. Thin. Very thin. Thin and gorgeous. Smart. Plays guitar. It'll happen. Watch this space!


  1. "It's New Years, I'm Asian, and I'm cooking and eating dumplings."

    Well, since I'm Swedish my fiancé and I had an European cheese platter :D

    Have a happy new and a beautifully thin year!

  2. of course you can lose weight. people can lose weight. they can put on weight. they can just maintain weight. weight is temporary. funny thing about them.
    "It's New Years, I'm Asian, and I'm cooking and eating dumplings." okay, i know i quoted the same thing that Din Mamma did but for a reason. that is the most perfect statemnet ever
    it's New Years. i'm Arab. and i just went out to a steakhouse and ate my weight in soup, chips, and ice-cream. i'm good to go for the next few days! xD
    every person seems so much more exotic when they're thin. i swear. that's how i feel. someone could have like 0 qualities but if they're thin then that's like...WOW. BEST QUALITY/CHARACTERISTIC EVER. I HATE YOU.
    i really hate you for your weight though. 57.2 kilos, that's like 125.8 pounds. that's just a tad under 9 stone. and i am so jealous.
    my weight loss is so slow in comparison to yours even though i am fatter! not fair!
    then again you eat less than me. ah....makes sense now, right?

    -Sam Lupin

  3. Happy New Year to you! I love your positivity- let's start this year off optimistic because we can do this, we can lose this weight. We may be far from out endpoints but we're getting there. I hope you have a wonderful year- where you will reach your goals and be who you want to be!

  4. This guy sounds like no good.

    You should bring in the New Year with something fabulous.