Monday, January 6, 2014

reverse thinspiration that looks like me

"Because I'm breaking the habit tonight."

- I don't know how I started looking at lots of reverse thinspo today. But I aside from the usual extreme reverse thinspo pics, I came across a whole series of pictures that reminds me of how my body looks and it makes me feel like dying. I feel so fucking sick. I already ate some noodles for dinner and man I really want to puke it all back. I'm texting online dating guy and fuck it, it makes me want to puke. Today my intake has been:

-2 coffees with trim milk 124cal
-1 cup of instant noodles 460cal
-1 pear 38cal
-1 cup of strawberries 49cal
-half a low fat yoghurt 42cal

That is 713cal total intake. It feels like too much. It's like I've got a gastric band and the food isn't going down. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. It's too much. 
Later I am going to the gym to work it off:

-30mins running on treadmill at level 10 -286cal
-20mins elliptical -171cal
-triceps pull down and biceps curl and some squats and lunges

Net intake 256cal. 


  1. you probably do not look like that. at all given your weight at your height, lady! insane girl. x
    i'm sorry. i'm smiling bc 'trim milk' sounds so...dsf;skgpskgs i like the sound of it!
    instant noodles is the best noodles. pot noodles. instant noodles. if i wasn't so sodium stingy - those would be like all i'd eat.
    duuuuuuuude i wish i can run. i can't to be honest.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. Wow, that reverse Thinspo does work!!!!

  3. I missed you darlin'. You and me both, let's get back to it! Xo