Monday, February 21, 2011


This post is really going to identify me a little bit, or at least, what part of the world I'm in but I must say that the Christchurch earthquake that happened today is an absolute bloody disaster.

The city is a war zone, buildings are collapsing, people are dead and trapped inside buildings. The roads are destroyed, the emergency lines are down and the cathedral, a city icon, has collapsed.

Good on the emergency service workers out on the streets saving people right now. My thoughts go to all the people in Christchurch and all people who have friends and family in Christchurch. Whatever grace and strength is within me goes to the doctors in Christchurch who are battling their own grief, shock, disbelief and fatigue to treat all the injured during this emergency. Now is the time for them to be superhuman and to be at the sharp end of a difficult situation, and I know they can pull through it.

I'll be thinking, praying and hoping with all of you.

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