Saturday, February 12, 2011

just desserts

11 followers! I'm stoked! You guys are absolutely amazing! Also, I should hopefully have internet at the flat on Tuesday so that'll be a nice change. I'm getting a bit sick of updating only on the weekend.

I've finally started watching Top Chef Just Desserts. I've been meaning to watch it for AAAAAAges and finally got the time to sit down and watch. It's not making me crave desserts at all. All the chefs are so weird that it's putting me off eating desserts ever again. The head chef is really quite cute but seems a bit up himself, I suppose he has reason to be though, being a super successful pastry chef and all. Hopefully after this I'll never eat desserts ever again.

I've been eating this weekend, it's hard because there is a certain level of normality that I have to maintain around family and friends. My flatmates don't care, or they're pretending not to so everything at the flat is easy. On weekends though, I have to eat for my family. At least it's only for 2 days a week.

I did so well in the liquid fast that I'm going to do it again. Fasting is really so very easy. The hard part is when I eat a little bit and then crave more. If I don't eat at all then to carry on not eating is easy. It's just not easy to keep hydrated. I'm not sure if I'm going to fast for 5 days non stop. Maybe I will eat dinner on Wednesday just to keep my energy levels up.

Or, I will start the ABC diet. I can't decide what to do. It's just that the ABC diet is 50 days long and it's really quite a commitment. I've done so well on fasting that it just worries me that there are so few fasting days. Also, how on earth am I going to find something worth 100cal to carry me through the day. I suppose I could just eat fruit on those days. I've heard such good reviews about the ABC diet, like losing at least 30lbs that I feel it's definitely worth a go. I will just see what happens. I will have to do something though.

I might just take the easy way out and just do a few days of fasts this week and start the ABC later, counting calories is not easy and so I thought I might wait till I have established internet before I do it. Even though it is all excuses.

I've also got a sprained ankle (my fault, high heels) so running is out of the question. I might just have to stick with yoga and pilates for a while. Better than nothing!

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