Tuesday, September 13, 2011

rules and regulations

Since I'm about to enter exam season (well, technically I already am in exam season but I'm also procrastinating desperately) and I know that this is when I put on lots of weight because I tend to cook and eat as procrastination. So I'm going to set up some rules for myself to follow through this period of time, and hopefully carry it onwards. I will only allow myself to break these rules under one condition and that is if I am ever eating with the professor in which case I will eat as much as I can or he will kick my ass. And when I say "kick my ass" I mean "fire my ass".

Here are the rules I can think of. Please, please comment with any tricks that you might use and find really useful. I'm willing to take absolutely everything on board to reach my ultimate goal weight.

1. No eating after 5pm
2. No carbs
3. No junk food, no fried food
4. 2 glasses of water/coke zero with every meal
5. No sugar in coffee
6. Never eat until I feel full, only eat until I'm 50% full max and fill the rest up with water
7. No purging. I know that purging will fix a lot of my problems, but it will be damn hard to hide in a flat full of friends.
8. Only eat out when it is unavoidable
9. No more than 300cal per day but if I must, then I will exercise off all the estimated excess
10. Whenever I feel tempted to eat, I will subtract 7 from 100 and keep going and then ask Ana if I need it. The answer is always no.
11. Getting to my goal weight is most important
12. I will carry the size of my new stomach everywhere. If I am going to eat in an uncontrolled environment eg. not at home, I will hold onto the capsule to remind myself of how big my stomach actually is

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