Monday, October 10, 2011

RAAAAGE!!!! (over fat people and Mila Kunis cops some flack)

There has been something that has got up my hooter. I know that Black Swan was a while ago now and the comments that Mila Kunis made about weight loss were equally long ago, but someone brought it up recently and it got right up my nose so brace yourself for another rant.

I am frankly sick and tired of fat people making excuses about why they are fat. Oh, it's genetics, oh, it's big bones, oh, it's slow metabolism. BULLSHIT. I don't know if any of you watch a TV series called "Embarrassing Fat Bodies" but it has basically proved that each of these little theories that fat people use to make themselves feel better are absolutely positively false.

The slow metabolism one is my favourite pet peeve. Slow metabolism my ass. Want to know who has slow metabolism? Anorexic people, severely underweight and malnourished people. So, my friends, if thin people are more likely to have slow metabolism, by deduction, who do you think will have fast metabolism? Fat people! The fact of the matter is, metabolism is determined by body mass, the bigger you are, the faster your metabolism. Metabolic rate is made of 3 parts. The energy your body needs to keep all its cells functioning, the energy used to produce body heat and the energy used to digest food. Fat people have more cells, produce more body heat and eat more and so they have faster metabolic rates. As I said, slow metabolism my ass.

The big bones one doesn't bother so much as it is so obviously bullshit. Look at a fat person, does it look like they have huge bones? No. They just look like they have lots of layers of fat. In fact, it would be good if a fat person had "big bones" and by that I mean "dense bones". The increased load that the extra weight puts stress on the bones and they should become more dense in order to deal with it. Unfortunately, most fat people eat junk food and so actually don't have much nutrition and so they don't get dense bones. This makes them more at risk of breaking their bones. The thing is, the fat causes the dense bones, not the other way round.

Nooooow, for the genetics *cracks knuckles*. Oh yes, it is perfectly true that there are those among us who have a genetic predisposition for obesity. But that is just genetic potential. It's what we do with the potential that actually defines what happens. Now, in embarrassing fat bodies, they tested the genetics of a family of fat people who were convinced that they were genetically fat and they also tested the genetics of their doctor who was a normal sized lady. They scored each person based on how genetically likely they were to be obese. Every person in the family scored very low and the doctor had an extremely high score. This means that out of all these people, the thin doctor was genetically the most likely to be obese. So, a genetic potential is a genetic potential. If you eat right and exercise, nothing in this world can make you gain weight. If you eat less calories than you use, you lose weight. And even if you have no genetic predisposition to get fat, you will get fat if you eat too much and sit on the couch.

These are just all excuses for laziness and not wanting to face up to the truth. I hold a certain amount of respect for fat people who front up and say "I'm fat because I eat too much". I also hold a certain respect for fat people who I see at the gym or out running because these are the people who have decided to do something practical and lose the weight instead of sitting on their asses and complaining and making excuses.

Now Mila Kunis was slagged off widely online and in the media for saying that anyone can lose weight. WTF. I don't understand why she was slagged off. What she said was perfectly true. It's just fat people getting defensive and other people labouring under political correctness. I think by now you have realised that my blog is horrendously politically incorrect and I am pretty straight up in saying what I think is true.

I hate all the excuses we as a race make for those who are fat. I hate how obesity has become almost accepted. Especially where I live, a size 14-16 has become "normal". WTF it is not normal, size 14 is freaking huge. Somehow the general public has come to accept the lies and excuses made by fat people. We tolerate them, we think, oh, poor fat person, maybe they are genetically like that or maybe they have a slow metabolism. Bullshit, they are just lazy.

Mila Kunis was absolutely correct. I read a comment online about what she said. It said that oh, there are some fat people who just can't lose weight and skinny people who believe what she said have no hearts or souls. Fired me right up! Fat people can lose weight if they put in the work. If they worked out 8 hours a day and ate 1200cal in 5 small meals like Mila Kunis did for Black Swan, each and every one of them would drop weight.

Plus, look at The Biggest Loser. Morbidly obese people who are kicked into action by tough trainers and forced to stick to a healthy diet. They lose hundreds of pounds. These are people who have been fat their whole lives and come from fat families. (By the way, the reason families are fat is because families eat together and tend to have similar exercise routines and so tend to have the same weight ranges.) It just goes to show that if you work hard, you will lose the weight. Anyone who is forced to eat less and work out more will lose weight. End of story.

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