Saturday, October 15, 2011

the pro ana community

I guess I can understand why some people just can't understand the importance of the pro ana community. I guess it's like how some people don't like it when doctors all band together and protect each other through the thick of it. It doesn't matter if we have never met each other. It doesn't matter if I don't fully understand what has gone wrong. It doesn't matter who is after your blood. At the end of the day, we are bonded by something that can't be broken, held together by a force that will be with us till we depart this world. We are part of a special little club that they can't join.

It's a camaraderie that is second to none. Oceans and mountains and deserts and forests may part us but I can feel our hearts beating together. When somebody succeeds in losing weight, I feel a pride equal to if I had lost it myself (albeit sometimes tainted with dash of jealousy) because I know that my friend Ana has shared her love with somebody else.

And who we are to the societies we live in is irrelevant in light of our common goal. In public you could be the quiet girl at the back of the class, you could be the one all your friends cry to, you could be a brilliant lawyer, a caring doctor, a daughter, a wife, a mother. But online, connected through the words we type to one another on our keyboards, we are the same. In this way we are not isolated, in this way we are supported, in this way we work together and we cry together and we bleed together. We become thin together my ana sisters.

We are worlds apart but we share the same reality, we share the same path.

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  1. we are held together by the same goals. even if the numbers are different, we want to wither away into beautiful nothingness until we cannot fathom ourselves.
    we are bound together by the same love for losing weight, the same journey is ahead of us of course, but for us, it may take longer - it is still of beauty that we all stand together and refuse to part.
    and we share the same perception of this disjointed world. let us dance with it.

    (i also follow back any followers ;D so you didn't have to tell me, love. i appreciate the follow though so much).
    -Sam Lupin
    hope you have a wonderful day.