Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ode to Ana

It's nearly midnight and I've flushed away any chances of me getting an early night and getting up early to study for exams. But you know, sometimes it's so hard to sleep when there is something inside that is trying to get out. So I got up and got out my notebook and pen and a wee bit of poetry came out.

I'm no great poet but it's something I enjoy doing. I think I posted a poem on here a while ago about self harm and now here is my Ode to Ana/Ed:

Suffocating and hot
Like insects across my skin
I have to get it off
Perfection's buried within

In times of hopeless pain
You come and take my hand
Whisper in my mind
I finally understand

No matter how life changes
You will always be my friend
The only one to love me
Until whatever end

I wish I didn't need you
But without you I'm alone
In a cold world full of hate
I can't do this on my own

You are my only hope
That I will ever find
Peace within my body
My clothing and my mind

Everybody hates you
And say I am your slave
But only you can give me
The thinness that I crave

In you I place my trust
I'll do everything you say
Please take all of me
And lead me into grace.

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