Sunday, November 20, 2011

birds fly [warning...pic of cutting]

Hello. I know some of you really don't like cutting and I know that others participate in self harm so I thought I'd put a warning in the title.

This is the picture of the bird that I carved into my leg. It's on my left thigh, about 20cm up from my knee and slightly to the side. I felt like doing some cutting and earlier today I thought about getting a series of small hearts carved into the area just below my collarbone. Then I thought, I've always wanted a bird tattoo, so why not do that. It might not scar so I can just keep it while it's healing and then that will give me an idea of whether I want a bird tattoo or not.

Ignore the circles, that's just me marking out where on my leg I want the bird. I traced the picture off the computer and onto my leg with surgical marker. Then, with my beloved scalpel blades (god I love being a surgeon) from my little box of love that I keep all my cutting materials in, I slowly carved out the design.

God the scalpels that I got, which apparently you can get for super cheap at art supply stores, are super precise and so the design was easy to follow. I have lots of pictures that I can show you, but I'll leave it at this for those of you who don't like cutting.

I just had to share it with you. Riding on a high and super proud of myself right now.

Skinny thoughts as always!


  1. wow! i think at least if u r going to cut - did something productive andbeautiful with it! i cut as well - but never anythig beautiful. and if it does scar - at least it is nice and no ugly and u could have the tattoo done right over it - it could be their outline so you get exactly what u want... i think it was wise of u to do something u know u want rather than regret it all later!

  2. This is amazing!! I'm a self harmer too... Never thought about doing something cool with it. Do people tend to see these? I don't know how you would explain that to them. If people accidentally see my cuts I just say I hurt myself during intramurals or something.

    That is seriously beautiful though. Where do you buy surgical markers?