Monday, January 9, 2012

stick thin

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work I go. And work is work is work is work is work! Apart from feeling like I don't know jackshit about medicine, it's all going quite well. Medically. I won't bother you with the details of my clinical incompetence. 

The weight loss was also progressing. I got down to 121lbs last week. Still not quite as low as I was, but I'm at least losing the Singapore weight. It's very easy for me to not eat breakfast and lunch, however, all I want to do at dinner is binge. Maybe I will have to start spreading calories around. 

Bad news for today is that my team mates have started force feeding me. Today it was only a small apple, which isn't bad at all because I was planning to eat an apple anyway. But still, the registrar sat down and put it in front of me and said that she bought it for me and so I had to eat it. 

Then my house officer piped up and said that when she was a student, her team used to buy her lots of food and she gained weight. 

By the by: the hierarchy goes me (the student), house officer, registrar, consultant (the boss). And where I work, the doctors get free food so "buying" me food means spending some of their food allowance on me. 

The thing about all this is my house officer and registrar are both stick thin. And when I say stick thin, I mean STICK thin. They are SOOOOO thin. I feel that them forcing me to have food is a little bit hypocritical, although they both eat quite a fair amount of food. I think that when I start working, I might have lunch as my only meal so that people don't worry about me not eating at work. 

My calorie count for today is still below 600cal, and I'm about to go to the gym to take a class in muay thai boxing so that should burn off some calories. But I'm still unhappy about eating that apple and all the food that I had for dinner. The only good thing about this is that I can tell the professor that my team are force feeding me to make him worry even less. 

I hope to lose 2lbs this week. I don't have a scale here so I will weigh in on Friday and see how things went. Fingers crossed I'm losing weight again! 


  1. yay new beginning!!! good luck, you'll be great!

  2. Don't let them fool you.
    I know that situation. People at work are trying to force-feed me as well- there will always be peoply trying to do that. And it's always the super thin ones who do that.

    But I think the trick is to say no thank you without making them suspicious - and that's the hard thing because you should not convince them that you eat all the time and never think about losing weight but at the same time you're not on a diet!
    After a while they'll get used to it - and bored because frankly, most people only try to force feed you because it's entertaining and they can calm themselves down - they want to feel like they're doing a good deed but after a while they're not interested, it's getting boring because they don't really care.

    And if they do care, darling, then not in a good way. Because that's when a competition is going on.