Wednesday, January 25, 2012

queen of all vegans!!!!

I'M THE QUEEN OF ALL THE VEGANS!!! Mighty words from someone who has been vegan for 3 days. But really, the odd bit of temptation aside, it is SO EASY. I guess it helps that I'm Asian. Quite a lot of Asian dishes can easily modified to be vegan. 

It's also cut my grocery bill in half. I bought a whole lot of fruit and vege for not much money at all! I think I ended up with at least 4 times the amount of food for about half the price. It does mean I have to cook a lot more, but I'm rather enjoying the cooking. I do love cooking after all. 

My intake was around 900cal today. Which sounds awful. But it was because I finished work early and so came home for lunch. Then I went to the gym and came home and had dinner. To be honest, I didn't need to eat that much dinner. I'm so SO SO STUFFED FULL right now. 

Intake of just over 900cal and I burned 400cal at the gym today so that's roughly a net intake of 500cal. Which is awesome. I don't normally eat lunch and today's lunch was almost exactly 400cal so yeah, that figure should improve. 

If my net daily intake is around 200cal, then I should lose weight. It should also raise my BMR so I guess what I'm saying is that it will all help the general effort. 

Although, I must say, running at a net 500cal per day is pretty good. And that's just raw intake and output. With no BMR included. If I include BMR then I'm definitely running with a negative intake which makes me SO HAPPY! Still, I fatigue really easily so it's a big mental battle to keep working out but I have a good workout playlist and there are some pretty thin girls at my gym who I use for thinspiration and some fat ones that I use for reverse thinspiration. 

Still, I have respect for fat girls at the gym. Because at least they're doing something about their weight. 

Working out is much better than laxies or vomiting. It gives me much more of a high. And the real bonus is that it raises my BMR so I burn more calories when I'm doing nothing. Which is always, always, always a plus. I'm so proud of what I've been doing, I wish I could tell the professor. But I can't because somehow I don't think he'll be that happy about it. Oh well. For the first time in a long time I really do feel like I'm on the right track. 

Thank you to strive4perfection, Christina and loveylou for your lovely, lovely comments. You girls made my day! 


  1. I am so happy about this whole post in general! I'm so glad you enjoy being Vegan, it really isn't that much of a huge change other than an item or two that you notice missing but it's easily forgettable!!
    Even if your intake is higher than you like, you are exercising which increases your metabolism for at least an hour post work out- so remember to eat AFTER you work out so your body burns it faster. Some people think that eating before so you have more energy helps but the truth is that it's better to eat AFTER, especially protein your body will process it much better after a workout.
    Also I agree with what you said about the fat girls at the gym. It's great to help motivate you but it also gives you this empathy almost... like they have no idea what world they are missing out on, but at least they are there to improve themselves! My sister is almost obese and never goes to the gym which is hard to watch.
    Great job all around girl, keep up the good work!!
    Love Always,
    Ana's Angel

  2. oh you are so strong! and up beat. i feel so inspired to be vegan and go to the gym now :)

    much love!

  3. I have always wanted to be Vegan! I love being Vegetarian and want the extra challenge but my mum really won't let me. Maybe once I move out I'll give it a shot!
    I can't wait to hear more about your journeys with being Vegan haha.
    This post is so inspiring and uplifting which is really what I need so thank you :)
    Also thank you for your lovely comments, I really do appreciate it, even if I don't always show it.
    Love Anafly