Sunday, January 22, 2012

vegan ventures. and breaking and entering

So today will be day one of my 2 week vegan venture. I've stocked up on fruits and vegetables and I'm ready to make a real effort. Not just eat everything carb and everything fried. I will be good and be proper healthy vegan. 

Today I ate a whole lot for dinner and it came to under 600cal. And this included a pan fried potato patty thing. So much for not having fried stuff. 

According to MyFitnessPal, if everyday is like today, I will weigh 50kg in 5 weeks...almost my next goal weight! And I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow so hopefully things will go a bit faster than that. 

I'm hoping that a vegan diet will help me lose weight. It must do. If all I eat is one meal a day and only vegetables, then surely I will lose weight in 2 weeks. If I can keep this up, then I will be vegan all the week and eat meat only on weekends. That surely must help the weight loss bid. I don't know if it will help the exercise bid though. I'm already anaemic enough to make a difference to my work outs. 

I think I'm deficient in things. I wish I could order lab tests on myself and find out. I'm fatigued all the time. I have a constant headache and I get short of breath quite easily. Ugh. If the headaches just went away, I'd feel better. I don't want to start taking pain killers though. Maybe I will start cutting to deal with it. That usually clears my mind. 

So I'm quietly optimistic about my weight loss efforts. 

On a different note, my flat got broken into. Nothing was taken. Probably because we had nothing that was worth anything. But we live in a complex where everyone is a doctor. It's a beautiful, expensive complex of fully furnished apartments in a really dodgy neighbourhood. So in a way it's a sitting target. 

That was quite scary though. I got a call from one of my colleagues and neighbours at midnight when I was out of town saying that my front door was wide open. He got together some of his guy friends and walked through my place and locked it. Now we are extra vigilant in making sure every window is closed. 

Not nice that the flat was broken into, whether anything was taken or not. In the past week and a half, most of the flats in our complex have been robbed. It freaks me out. 

What also freaks me out is that the professor is asking to see me again. I don't think I've lost any weight for him to notice, but compared to the last time he saw me, I'm much more disordered. Last time I was fresh from Singapore, happy from my holiday, happy about all the food I'd eaten. But this time I'll be vegan, scared shitless of food and desperately unhappy about my weight. 

Still, last time I put on quite the performance. So I can probably do it again. 

As always, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. Your thoughts really mean a lot to me, and they were all so laudatory and supportive! You girls are the best!


  1. Oh love please don't cut yourself, try taking an excercise class to work out your frustrations. Just please please please don't cut yourself...
    Being vegan is a very healthy choice! I'm a vegetarian and have thought about going vegan for a while now, most of everything I eat is vegan but I still like to have the option once in a while to have a pita or something. I can tell you that since I've started to eat this way I have felt so much better. More clean and pure, fruit and vegetables don't pollute your system like carbs that just sit there. (or at least this is what I visualize)
    As for the break in that is so scary! I had a guy last week just standing outside my window watching me and it terrified me so I can only imagine the fear you have. BE SAFE!!
    Love Always,
    Ana's Angel

  2. I hate that you feel the need to cut again. But I'd be such a hypocrite to tell you not to... I just did a few nights ago. A bit excessively. It's been awful trying to hide it from everyone. And, people found out... So now they're trying to get me to go to a psychologist and get help and everything. I'll update my blog so if you're interested in hearing more you can read the next post.
    I'm sure everything with the professor will be fine. You're incredibly strong and I know you will push through whatever life throws your way. Remember, he truly does care about you and just wants you to be happy the way you deserve to be. Stay strong!

  3. I'm like strive, I hate the idea of you doing it even though I do it myself.
    Are you going to go and see the professor? If you do I wish you all the best, I know how much the effect of it upsets you sometimes.
    Having your apartment broken into sounds terrifying. Are the police looking into it?
    I hope you're doing okay,
    look after yourself.