Friday, January 14, 2011

REVERSE Thinspiration

Look at this. How could any sane person find this attractive or fanciable? THIS is what food does to you. All the lumps and the bumps and the revolting enormity of her. This is not beautiful, this is as far away from beautiful as you could possibly be. What's more, the stupid person seems to be happy with herself.

How is any man supposed to lift that hippo? How can any guy get his arms around that to hug it? They can't. Because she's too fat.

But she is not alone in being fat. Oh no, she is only one of millions of millions of people. I am one of those fatties. But at least I am a fatty who is willing to die to change it. All I want is to be beautiful. To actually feel it, to believe it myself, not to listen to some liar people tell me so. Food makes me fat. Fat is ugly. So to be beautiful I must not be fat and to not be fat I must not eat food.

I will kill myself if I am every that disgusting and repulsive.

Reverse thinspo is the most effective thing in the world. Look at these disgusting pictures and then ask youself, do you still want food? Each bite takes me one step closer. Each bite I don't take is one step further away.

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