Sunday, January 30, 2011

until further notice

So I'm off away from home and back to the other city where I'm working. It was such a nice long weekend, nice to sleep more than 4hours a night for a change, nice to sleep at all really because we had a cyclone tear through the city (which is bad) but that means it's been uncharacteristically cold for the summer which means it's been cold enough for me to actually get some decent sleep! So nice to feel refreshed for a change!

For the past month and a half study and work and my personal life going to pot means I've been sleeping about 4 hours a night, if that so I'm thoroughly exhausted. Yesterday I had an amazing but tiring ballet class. My calves, butt and abs are aching today. I should mention here and now that I am by no means a ballet dancer. This is a very basic intro class albiet a private lesson. So my brilliant teacher IB was forcing me into these very tight and very controlled poses that involved isolation of muscle groups and very consciously relaxing other muscles groups, it was difficult. I have such respect for anyone who dances ballet. It takes extraordinary strength and dedication.

I'm loving living away from home, the only eating a small dinner and nothing else thing is going great! Hey, it I can keep up the 2lbs weight loss a week thing I'm going to be over the moon. Only thing is my stupid internet provider hasn't connected us yet (it's been 2 weeks) and they say it'll be another 5-10 days. Bitches! So it means that while I'm down there for the next 4 days I won't be able to post (especially because I can't post this at the uni computer labs in case someone reads it).

But with my resolve in learning ballet properly and eating one small meal a day and my cans and cans of energy drink (100cals a can ladies, but it does keep me going all day) I'm sure I'll get through! Wish me luck and hopefully when we next talk I'll be another 2lbs lighter!

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