Saturday, February 16, 2013

crawling back into the hole

"Head like a hole, black as your soul. I'd rather die than give you control."

I don't know what came over me. I don't know what happened but suddenly, suddenly I feel it all rushing back. 

There is an uncontrollable desire to look at thinspo, which I have been doing for hours. And all this is horribly triggering. I can't stop looking though. The bones. The collarbones, the ribs, the thigh gap. I'm drinking it all in. All of it, back into the space in my head that I've kept reserved for it. And now my whole body is itching, all of it itches to get rid of the fat. At whatever cost. 

I've got another problem. With the desire to lose weight comes the desire to self harm. Always, hand in hand, the two of them come walking. One is screaming "disgusting fatty, no more food" and the other is silent but smiling and hands me the knife. 

I need to cut, I need to cut, I need to cut. I can't sleep. I need to cut. I need to stop watching these goddamn anorexia documentaries. I need to cut it all out. 

This fucking sucks. It sucks. It's far too overwhelming, seeing how little I've progressed. It makes me hate myself even more. It makes all my flights of fancy seems stupid. Why should anyone like me. Fat, ugly me. Ugly, disgusting, fat me. 

Does anybody else get that? It's a kind or restlessness that fills you and stops you sleeping and stops you working and stops you doing anything but think about how fat and ugly you are. And what a failure you are. 

Input and output. Fucking hell. I need to stop shoving food in my gob and I need to run like the fat girl that I am. Fuck. I fucking hate myself. I need to cut. 

I need to cut and let the suicidal thoughts come and wash over me. In a strange way I've missed feeling like this. A part of me misses going to bed each night hoping to not wake up again in the morning. It misses the secret stash of blades, which I'm staring at right now, and the ability to reach out, grab one and peel open the metal packet and slice through my skin. I miss the stinging pain, the rush of warmth and the pearls of blood that bead up and up and up and then run, run, run. 

I miss the cold tears that can only be stopped by blood. I miss the fear and panic and misery and frustration that can only be put to rest by blood and thoughts of death. I miss fantasizing about stepping out in front of a train, about being in a car crash, about slitting my wrists in a bath after a bottle of benzos, about collapsing at work with a stopped heart that won't start again. 

I want to be thin. I want to die. I want to cut and bleed and die. I want to be boney and bruised and dying. 


    those are triggering images i shouldn't be looking at them
    omg the ironic thing is i was just mentioning how triggering it is 'cause im trying to recover
    omg no no no no no no self-harm i know technically starvation would be considered a type of self-harm but something irks me about the knife i just cant stand the thought of people doing that to themselves because it hurts like a bitch
    because you're more than your weight and i know it doesn't seem like it at all because i can't put my head around how im not just a pile of pounds
    yeah. we all get it, babe. and you don't deserve it.
    it really hurts me to read all thiis
    it really does :(
    -Sam Lupin

  2. Please don't cut. Please remember we love you no matter what size you are.
    Yes I know only too well how you feel, but it seems unfair that you still feel that way when you are already a perfect size, and you're smart and caring enough to be a doctor.
    If I could make you feel better I would in an instant, so please remember you're worth more than the unkind words and the blades.

  3. i love that you're determined and that you know what you want but that cutting stuff is bullshit, really.

    it's pathetic.

    I'm allowed to talk like that, I did it for years but stopped a couple years ago.

    it doesnt help you at all, you will never get rid of the scars, not even the light ones and you will hate them.

    seriously, if you want to be able to look into the mirror at the end of the day, focus on losing weight, not on cutting. that's how you show self control.

    :) <3

    besides what if mark finds out about that?
    there you go.

  4. It's always when you think you are escaping. And reality is embracing you again. That it begins to claw it's way back. Love if you want to recover you know you can. Until you really want that though it just isn't going to happen. I hope you can get to wherever you want to be. <3