Monday, April 4, 2011


Okay, I want to start this post by saying A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL YOU GUYS FOR READING!!!!! 16 followers and every time Iog on, it tells me that someone's viewed my blog. Honestly, words can't express how much it means to me that you guys read it. I love your comments too!

So it's early in the morning and I'm supposed to be studying but I decided to tell you guys about the ballet class I had on Sunday. Great class, as per usual, and my calves are still burning and aching from it but the thing was, if any of you have ever taken a dance class you'll know that one whole wall of the studio is a mirror. So you can get a darn good view of yourself. I could visibly see that I'd slimmed down from when I started taking those classes at the start of the year!

I was like, oooh, look I'm starting to see that somewhere under all the fat, there is a waist. And my thighs don't bulge out that much! I was feeling triumphant indeed! I'm not there yet but surely enough, with each passing day I'm inching closer and closer!

And this morning, as I was getting ready to shower (looking back, a lot of these moments seem to take place as I'm undressing to get in the shower), I was kinda looking in the mirror and then I stood there, with my legs together and I could just about convince myself that my thighs weren't as squashed together. I think I'm still a good 4 or 5kg away from having any sort of visible gap between them but this is a start!

So, feeling very positive about the weight loss, feeling very crappy about the hospital but we all need some balance in life right.


  1. That moment when you can see the change is AMAZING. :) keep it up!

  2. thanks hun!!! it's definitely the best feeling in the world!