Friday, April 1, 2011

the handsome Mr D. and size 8

See, I thought I had ranted about Mr D heaps on here but I just realised that I haven't really! Maybe it's because I rant on about him to everyone else that I just assumed that there was an entry in this blog that devoted itself to him. So for GorgeousThin and anyone else who is wondering a bit about Mr D, here is how I describe him. *foreword: prepare for some gushing here*

Mr D was my consultant and OMG he is the most handsome man I have ever clapped my eyes on. I first saw him in theatre and he was scrubbed in and operating. So all I could see were his eyes but you know how sometimes that's enough? Well I had already gathered that he was good looking. He had stunning green eyes. Then he started talking to me. And his voice! It was deep and melodic and sweet. His voice made me go weak at the knees.

Then he finished the operation, scrubbed out and I could see more than just his eyes. And WOW. He was so handsome! And he came over and shook my hand I could barely take my eyes off him, he was so good looking. And also, very, very nice. Then the next day he turned up in a suit and he was soooo handsome I thought I was going to fall over!

Then we were in theatre together and it was a big operation on a guy we thought was so sick he could die on the table. It was 10pm at night and we were crammed up against each other because there were 5 surgeons all working around this guy's scrotum and anal region. Mr D was holding onto this guy's testicle that we had dissected out and were going to tuck back in at the end of the operation.

Suddenly Mr D grabs my hand and puts it on this guy's testicle and he holds my hand there for a few minutes. In my head I am flipping out and melting because the handsome Mr D is holding my hand (on someone's testicle) and then I suddenly realise that this is a very odd situation to be in.

Then just another day he was standing right behind me in theatre, with his hands on my shoulders and he's talking in my ear with that amazing voice of his, giving me directions. They were good instructions but I could hardly focus because he was standing so close, I could feel his body heat radiating through my scrubs.

Gosh, I'm so sad my run with Mr D is over because now I'm not going to see him again but ahhhh, he was so handsome!

There we go. And, on another note, I've lost another 0.5kg. Not as much as I'd like but given that I was sick and eating like a pig, I'm quite relieved I've not gained weight. And I just went shopping and went to one of my favourite stores and bought an outfit that was size 8. (this isn't US sizing by the way, I'm not huge) and I've always been a size 12 at the store as long as I can remember, a size 10 if I was going to squash myself into a top that was supposed to be loose or something but today, size 8 fits me just right! Yay! Progress.

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  1. AWWW! What happened to MR D he sounds dreamy :) Welldone on getting to size 8!!! any tips, you must luk amazing! xo