Sunday, April 10, 2011

for Gorgeousthinxo

Hey hun! Thanks for your comments, I enjoy getting them!

Firstly, bear in mind that while I may weigh 54kg, I'm also only 1.6m tall. So my weight might sound okay but once you realise I'm short, you also realise I'm not that skinny. That being said, I'm a hell of a lot skinnier than I was when I started. And I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but I'm getting closer and I do look better than I used to. I love high waisted skirts and the like so it's nice to be able to wear them now!

I have to say that if I look at myself subjectively, like, not from my point of view but from what everyone else thinks, I'd have to say that I'm probably average for my height. I'm not what everyone would call fat. Just normal. But of course, I think I'm fat and that's the only opinion that really matters. And I'm not content with being normal, I want to be thin. I want to be really, really thin.

And LOL! It's so cute that you want to know more about Mr D. He's still as handsome and charming as ever. However, I have now rotated away from that specialty so the only time I see him is at weekly teaching. Also, this is my last week from surgery and after this week I'm moving to a different hospital in a different city so I won't see him again. This makes me muchos sad :(

I've been stressed out a lot recently, and I've been working in ophthalmology, which is what I want to do in the future so I've been trying to impress the bosses there. The other week when we were in teaching with Mr D, he seemed awful serious. Then I realised that I had been solidly frowning at him the entire time because I was so stressed and I wasn't really paying attention. Teaching was freaking painful coz Mr D is pretty scary when he's serious. So I was like, I gotta try and smile a bit. So I smiled at him and he smiled back and then he started cracking a few jokes, we laughed and things were much better after that.

Mr D is a handsome charmer, and I'm going to miss him when I move!


  1. Oh right so whats your goal? I'd love to be your weight lol! Aww shame bout Mr D xo

  2. My ultimate goal weight is 37-38kg. But I'm realistic and I know that after I reach that weight I'm probably going to gain a few kgs and end up around 40kg. Which is okay. I'll be happy to fluctuate between 37-40kg. But one step at a time. My next goal weight is 49kg. Then 45kg. Then 42kg. Then 40kg. what's your goal weight?