Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Thank you my beloved Ruki and Tati for what you guys said about purging. You're right. You're both so right.
And Ruki, I do remember what I told you when you threw up your food and yes, I agree with what I said then, so I should follow my own advice eh?

Yes, I will fast tomorrow. I will definitely fast tomorrow. Well, I'm having a coffee but that's different. Coffee is as necessary as oxygen!!!!

I've been so bogged down by my yoyo weight and by the stress of work that I got a bit desperate and lost sight of what really mattered. It's infinitely better to control what goes in my mouth than to throw things up again. I won't start purging. I will fast and fast and exercise until I reach my goal weight!


  1. That's sooo good to hear! I'm fasting right now too! (on Day 2) You'll get over the plateau... don't worry.

  2. I hope you're right! I hate this plateau so much. How many days are you planning to fast for?

  3. heyy I found your blog off of a ana/mia buddy website but couldn't figure out how to send you a message :) let me know if you are still interested.. things have been difficult for a while now and i could really use a buddy <3

  4. hi beautifully-lovely. you can email me at overthinkingoveranalysing@gmail.com if you like.