Sunday, May 15, 2011


I don't know where the time's gone. Now I'm sitting in bed in some little hostel like accommodation in a strange little city where I will be placed for 2 weeks. I've remembered to pack half my wardrobe but conveniently forgotten my stethoscope so I have no idea how I'll do any work. Which is a great impression to make. I've also forgotten almost everything about this job so I'll look like a dumbass anyway.

But whatever, it's 2 weeks. I started my liquid fast last night. In retrospect I've realised that I've been going through my hungry time which inevitably means I'll get my period soon. It also means my skin is breaking out, which I don't appreciate at all. At all, at all. So to summarise all that, I look awful and I feel like a right royal idiot. Which is a great way to start any job, even if it is one I don't care for at all.

So far so good but I can't exactly say that an 18hour liquid fast means anything, I shall see how I feel at the end of today to gauge how well this week is going to go. I'm probably going to go home this weekend, even though I wasn't planning to and get some sort of exercise in. And I don't mean to be gross but I feel sort of constipated. I don't know how it works, it seems weird to me. Sometimes when I'm eating lots, I get constipated but when I'm barely eating anything, I seem to be able to go, a lot, everyday. It's weird.

But anyway, time for me to prepare for the day ahead. Which shouldn't take long considering I didn't bring anything. But I'll wash up in hopes that being clean makes me look better.

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