Monday, May 23, 2011

a hundred and one cravings!!!!

Alas. The perils of being a female are starting to rear their ugly little heads and interfere. I don't know if anyone else notices, but when I'm about a week or two from getting my period, I get SUPER HUNGRY!!!!!!! I'M SO HUNGRY!!!!

And it's not even just the increased hunger. It's the awful, awful, awful cravings. Do you know what I want right now?
I want a cheeseburger, tiramisu cake, cheesecake, fish and chips, lots and lots of pizza, chicken nuggets, hash browns, a whole big English fry up, a hot dog, brandied roast chicken with loads of stuffing and gravy. And that's just the start.

Lucky I have this soup that is like 27cal per mug so I've just been having loads of that. 3 mugs today, and that's not very many calories. I also had dinner because I can't get out of dinner. But at least the soup is stopping me from getting in my car and going to McDonalds and ordering everything on their menu and scoffing it all.

Anyone have any tips for beating these sort of cravings? All I can think of is food!!!!

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  1. if your really hungry then eat doesnt have to be lots or fatty. fruit or veggies.. or read a book, or go out with friends (: