Thursday, May 5, 2011

retail therapy

Nothing works as well as retail therapy. When I need a pick me up, nothing brings the buzz back as well as a new dress or top or shoes. (I have short legs so buying pants and skirts are a little less appealing.)

Today Prof depressed the living daylights out of me. It's just the little comments that he makes, and I know (or I hope) that he's joking and I laugh it off but I do take it personally. Little things like, how he didn't know he would be supervising me for 4 weeks (which is by the way the entire reason I'm trying to get down to 49kg) and then jokes that he thought he had gotten rid of me. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm some sort of retard and that he just has to hang in there until I've finished the paper and then never see me again.

Words can't describe how depressed I am right now.

So. Retail therapy it is! Since I'm broke I do the whole op-shop thing. I bought a new dress that is really cute yet could pass for professional. And it fits me well in every way except one. It is super tight across my chest. For a wee while now I've thought that my boobs are too big. (Most of my girlfriends would call me mental for thinking that.) I hate it when there is a top/dress that fits me perfectly except it won't button/zip up past my boobs. I would look smaller than I do now if my boobs were smaller. I wish they were smaller!

But hopefully, as I lose more weight they will shrink a bit. I don't want them to disappear totally but I do want them to get smaller so I can get into my clothes better!

Mind you, I want everything to get smaller. I just want to get smaller in general.

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  1. I have the same problem! I wish I could lose my boobs but no matter what I do they never fit into clothes how think they will. It's me next goal! Keep up the good work!